Allegans Network

Legal expertise on Marine and coastal environment

Allegans Network is a network of legal experts in the law applicable to the protection of the marine environment, maritime and coastal activities, whose aim is to make the data useful and appropriate to legal professionals and decision makers in the maritime and coastal sector.

Legal data applicable to maritime activities and the marine environment are now a complex, constantly changing with multiple dimensions (maritime safety and security, accidental marine pollution and operational responsibilities and compensation, uses of the sea, management and coastal development, fishing and fish farming ...).

Decision makers, industries, public or private operators can rely on the high level expertise of Allegans Network for the right information, reliable and tailored to their needs. Whether for regulatory studies, training (e-learning), documentation and operational publications, monitoring and legal analysis, or the provision of dedicated solutions (GIS, databases) skills are appointed and ensure the provision of useful legal data and its use by the recipient.

To ensure these benefits Allegans works on the principle of the network identifier within a fabric of highly qualified partners, the specialist can answer, analyze, and advise the customer. No application shall remain unanswered thanks to this dense and extensive network.

Lawyers, academics (jurists, economists, geographers), experts, stakeholders in the maritime world regularly collaborate with the Allegans Network in all legal disciplines governing the protection of the marine environment, maritime and coastal activities.

Ex: The loss of the Erika and Prestige mobilized the Network by providing education, solutions and support for local victims and their lawyers in proceedings before the IOPC compensation or contentious preparation phases.
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