NKE Instrumentation

Capteurs and Marine Electronics

Nke instrumentation offers a large line of autonomous measurement and data loggers for physical chemical parameters as well as for specific measurements such as sedimentology, fishing or corrosion. All of our devices have a long autonomy and wireless communications systems (inductive or radio). Since 2004, nke has deployed networks of automatic measuring for water monitoring (continental and marine). We offer technical solutions for each type of measure, transmission and reception of data, all with little to no maintenance. For specific fields of deep water analysis, nke offers a line of products for location monitoring (observatory) or sediment measurements (piezometer, thermal flux). Since 2009, nke has increased its line to offer a series of profiler and buoy versions. Though years of research and development, these products allow dependable usage in large international programs of oceanic research (ARGO, …)


NKE Instrumentation
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