Research and Expertise in Coastal Zones


Water quality, water dynamics and the knowledge of the depths, their natures and topographies are the main areas of expertise of HOCER.

This knowledge of the aquatic environment and more specifically the marine environment relies on the setting up of several expert technologies (studies and analysis):
Numeric modelling – data analysis – environmental briefing dockets – special IT developments. We are also very active in situ in organizing and making measuring campaigns and acquiring continuous measures.

We work on offshore oceanographic studies (to meet the needs of the National Marine and its hydrographical service) and coastal or estuary studies within the framework of environmental planning or more generally coastal management.

We also regularly organise campaigns in rivers, i.e. bathymetry studies or analysis of the raw water quality. Indeed our second area of activity focuses on the development of instrumentation systems aiming at analysing especially the quality of raw waters.

So, we can easily share our acquired experiences with scientific and technical centres in Brest such as with the SHOM or Ifremer in order to set up environmental studies for local communities and environmental organisms.



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