Specialized Consortium in integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) and sustainable development

Integrated Coastal Zone Management



is a business partnership that brings together established consulting and innovative engineering solutions for environmental and sustainable development projects.

The partnership is the first European consortium specialising in Coastal Zone Management and Marine Spatial Planning.

Established in 1998, it brings together more than 300 experts and engineers in various domains of environment, socioeconomy, and coastal zone regulations with an annual turnover of around 30 M€.

The services that Littoralis provides are aimed at responding to the needs of three specific client categories :

  • Technical specialists in the field, responsible for measuring, analysing, diagnostics and in situ data collection.
  • Managers for activities and land use, responsible for data and information along with decision making for daily managment.
  • Public and private decision makers for expansion, management rules and coastal zone developement.